Practice Makes Perfect – or Does It?

Actually, I prefer ‘practice makes permanent‘! Here is a short article about the thorny issue of music practice – how the teacher’s guidance during the lesson can make it more meaningful and desirable to the student, and how careful a choice of words can make a big difference to attitudes to practice.  All very important because of course, the majority of the learning takes place away from the lessons and the teacher! Excuse me…

One thought on “Practice Makes Perfect – or Does It?”

  1. Interesting. I will say that I tell my students to aim for perfection. Obtaining it is the challenging part (I never use the word hard because it tends to have a detrimental affect in learning). I also ask for as well, they can do or their best. I teach them how to approach harder areas and new pieces. They have a notebook that I keep so they can remember what I said. (I don’t know about you, but I tend to forget after a few days.) I don’t make them keep a practice log, but, be honest, you know who practices and who doesn’t. I also ask them to break the new pieces into chunks so it’s easier to learn.

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