More on Group Instrumental Teaching

11KLAS-tmagArticleIt seems that the recent post and article in defense of group teaching has struck a chord with quite a few readers. However, whilst they did their job in defending the practice of group teaching they didn’t offer too many solutions to the challenges that teachers, especially those new to the situation, can face.

To put that right, I’m posting the first of another couple of articles today, with a second to follow as soon as the formatting is ‘tidied up’.

The first is about the practicalities of getting the space for the lesson organised and using the time to best effect, whilst the second deals with the importance of keep everyone involved during the lesson and ways of achieving it. There will be at least one more after these two dealing with the all-important issue of teaching groups with mixed abilities – let’s face it, differences in aptitude and even ability can appear even before the end of the first group lesson!

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Please click here to see the latest article, Group Instrumental Teaching II – Space & Time.


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