Instrumental Music Teaching

… how to start young people playing and how to keep them playing!

Playing a musical instrument is not only immensely enjoyable and satisfying but it also has far-reaching implications for educational achievement that can last an entire lifetime. But relatively few of the thousands of young people who start playing every year continue playing long enough to realise the benefits! 

This readable, thought-provoking and affordable book, which takes some of the material on this site as its starting point, provides solutions for experienced and relatively inexperienced teachers alike. It is based on exhaustive research and the author’s extensive experience in music education over the course of a successful career spanning more than four decades.

Topics discussed in depth include;

      • The real role of instrumental music in education
      • Teaching & learning that keeps young players motivated and reduces drop-out rates
      • Facilitating focused, fruitful practice 
      • Planning engaging lessons with clear learning objectives
      • Preparation for graded exams that integrates with day to day learning activity
and much more – read a preview here!
All adding up to greater satisfaction and fulfilment in your teaching!

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* The sister volume, Group Instrumental Teaching, will be available summer 2021

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