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Instrumental Music Teaching: Strategies for Securing Maximum Motivation and Musical Achievement

Playing a musical instrument is not only immensely enjoyable and satisfying but has far-reaching implications for educational achievement and personal development that can last an entire lifetime. Yet, of the thousands upon thousands of young people who begin to learn musical instruments every year, only a relatively small proportion continue playing long enough to reap the untold, undisputed benefits.  ‘Instrumental Music Teaching’ provides experienced and inexperienced teachers alike with remedies for this no less than tragic state of affairs, based on my extensive experience as a music educator, outlined in many of the articles on my site.

This approachable but thought-provoking book, developing and refining ideas first presented in my earlier book, Teaching Young Instrumentalists,  proposes simple, straightforward strategies for ensuring that learners’ initial motivation for taking up their instrument is nurtured and maintained from the very first lesson. While outlining accessible approaches to developing instrumental technique within a vibrant musical context,  the author provides workable solutions for teachers who, more often than should be necessary, are obliged to deal with the disillusionment that results from a realisation that playing an instrument is not easy: a realisation that, all too frequently, leads to loss of interest and eventual withdrawal from an activity that could be life-enhancing if only it were continued a little longer.  Topics explored in detail include;

  • Instrumental Music as Education          
  • Motivation     
  • Teaching & Learning  
  • Planning & Preparation        
  • Ensuring Effective Practice    
  • Preparing for Graded Examinations  

This eminently readable and readily comprehensible book will provide any aspiring or established instrumental music teacher, who is open to some re-evaluation of conventional dogma, with a means of approaching their critically important role with confidence, and of deriving the greatest possible satisfaction from their teaching, whether it be of beginners or more advanced players.

Available in Kindle or Paperback. Check it out now at and Amazon sites worldwide.

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