My New Book on Amazon!

The insight and experience that I have gained from over thirty years’ experience and  shared via the widely-read articles on this site have been collected together, expanded and updated in the form of my new book Teaching Young Instrumentalists: Engagement and Motivation in Group Instrumental Teaching

Group teaching is not a second-rate option – it’s a holistic method that has much to offer in educational terms if the teacher is equipped with strategies for;

  • Keeping everyone involved
  • Managing mixed abilities
  • Making best use of space and time available
  • Maintaining motivation

Teaching Young Instrumentalists offers practical solutions for all of these as well as;

  • Approaches to teaching & learning
  • Ensuring effective practice
  • Teaching musical literacy
  • Planning & preparation
  • Assessment
  • An integrated approach to ABRSM/Trinity Guildhall exam preparation.

Make your work with groups engaging for them and rewarding for you!

Available now on and related sites worldwide at the introductory price of $5.99 (Kindle edition) and $30.99 (paperback). At these prices, you have nothing to lose except your precious time!

Get your copy now by clicking here.

Paperback version £19.99. 251 pages; English. ISBN-10: 1549596179; ISBN-13: 978-1549596179



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